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"It was such a happy night with a great atmosphere, you do a great job!"  

- Jane, 2016

"I celebrated my birthday with Forward to the Future yesterday. It really made me feel so happy to have friends to celebrate it with, and people who want to talk to me and have me there, and who miss me if I'm not. If anyone else with autism/asperger's wants a social group to go to so you can meet people and have fun give it a try :)It's really great. The age range is huge, so don't worry about that."

- Nicola 2017

"Such a great organisation. Fun activities for young adults who are treated as adults. Darcy has made friends and learned valuable skills. She really looks forward to the get togethers as she can be herself with friends who 'get' how tough it can be dealing with the neurotypical world. Lovely bunch of young people and Lorraine and the staff are always looking for feedback and suggestions."

- Karen, 2017

"Forward to the Future has wonderful support services for young adults to use. Socials once a month & activities such as movie making, cooking, games and meeting other young adults. My children love going and have met and made lots of friends while having heaps of fun!" 

- Robyn, 2017

"Such a wonderful place for the kids to go. They love it and never want to leave when it's pick up time. Thank you so much for providing this service and devoting your time."

- Sarah 2017


Office: 0409 809 212

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