Our Story

The future belongs to those who



  1. Offer a range of quality customised services for people on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities.

  2. Be client focused and responsive to the needs of clients, their families and carers.

  3. Promote confidence, independence and skills acquisition.

  4. Establish a feeling of mutual respect and understanding between client and staff in order to foster collaboration.

  5. Provide programs to meet the future needs of people on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities and bridge the gap between non-inclusive and inclusive practices

  6. Help participants develop social skills and strategies for improved social awareness and participation.

  7. Inspire successful endeavours towards the achievement of individual goals and aspirations.

  8. Develop and promote integrated and equitable co-ordinated services.

  9. Provide the opportunity for personal development through the provision of programs that provide life skills and improve well-being.

  10. Offer support through life transitions

  11. Work in partnership with government and non-government agencies in striving for excellence and to meet the needs of all clients.


A future without anxiety and fear.


To inspire dreams and enhance the quality of life for people on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities and their families.



Client focus





Forward to the Future is a small family operated business in South Canberra specialising in creating customised support for clients on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities. CEO Lorraine Barrett is a mother of four and has spent the last two decades working in a variety of social work and teaching positions, whilst advocating for the rights of her two Autistic sons. Raising her children as a single parent led her to undertake Post Graduate studies in teaching, specialising in Autism and the Gifted & Talented, Social Policy and Community Development. Additionally, Lorraine has a major in Human Resource Management with a focus on Staff Training and Development. She has worked in both education and the Public and Private Sector.

At Forward to the Future we understand the personal struggles faced by clients, families and carers and aim to provide specialist individual and group services which promote independence and well-being. Our mission is to inspire dreams and enhance the quality of life for people on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities.  We believe that integrity and client focus play an integral role in achieving goals and are dedicated to improving life choices and building a better future.

Forward to the Future has a family focus and offers a range of services for individuals, families and carers. Our individual services and group workshops are outcome focused and aim to strengthen and augment life skills. We are committed to providing quality services and specialist care to enhance coping skills, foster a sense of belonging, and increase self-efficacy. At Forward to the Future we want our clients to succeed and are extremely passionate in our belief that the future belongs to those who dare to dream.

At Forward to the Future you come first. We embrace diversity and recognise that each individual has their own story to tell. At Forward to the Future we want to help you share your story and make your future something to look forward to. 


What are you looking forward to?



Forward to the Future acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation & the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.