At Forward to the Future we believe that integrity and client focus play an integral role in achieving goals, improving life choices and building a better future. FTTF is a registered NDIS Provider, all Staff are First Aid trained and are registered for Working with Vulnerable People.

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‘The Social Club’ is a fun and exciting new way for young adults on the Autism spectrum and other with disabilities to connect with other likeminded people and form friendships in an inclusive supported environment.  Participants are invited to a monthly social event which offers a range of activities including:, BBQ and Pizza Nights, Disco, Camp Fire & Ghost stories, Themed Events (Halloween, Christmas, New Years and more). Participants have the opportunity to engage in a range of social activities aimed at building self-confidence, developing social skills and promoting well-being.


WHEN: Saturdays - 5:30pm - 8:30pm - (Monthly) 

COST: $100 per event (includes all drinks, snacks and meals). These will vary depending on the activities. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated upon request. 

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Monthly Madness is an event that offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a range of mainstream community activities, all while having fun and making friends. Monthly Madness is designed to promote:

  • Mainstream community participation

  • Social skills

  • Well-being

  • Communication Skills


Prior events have included Zoo trips, Paintball, Laser tag and more. Monthly Madness is a flexible program. We are open to suggestions for events and we encourage feedback from all our participants and their families!

WHEN: Saturdays - 2pm - 5pm - (Monthly) 

COST: $150 per event (includes snacks & drinks)

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Girl's Club is a girls only group that meets on a Friday night once a month. This is a social and recreational  group designed to create an opportunity for girls to catch up for a night of fun and girls talk. Activities will vary each month and participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities including movies, dinners, health and beauty, and games and trivia nights.


WHEN: Fridays - 5pm - 8pm - (Monthly) 

COST: $100 per event (includes dinner and drinks)

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Evening with the Boys is a boys activity group. It is a safe platform where participants can bond, destress and socialise. Participants may also use this environment to share their day to day challenges and achievements with their peers.

WHEN: Fridays - 5pm - 8pm - (Monthly) 

COST: $100 (includes dinner and drinks)

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The Games and Drama group is full of highly entertaining activities drawn from a variety of sources including traditional games and some not so traditional ones. Drama and games helps individuals adapt to social situations and encourages creativity and communication. This is a fantastic group for making friends and connecting with like minded people.


WHEN: Fridays - 5pm - 7pm - (Fortnightly) 

COST: $90 per event (includes dinner and drinks)

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Immerse yourself in a night of entertainment, friends & food! Our Over 18's group meets once a month for a night of laughter and recreation. Join us as we head around Canberra in pursuit of good food, good vibes & unadulterated fun. 

WHEN: Fridays - 5pm - 8pm - (Monthly) 

COST: $120 (includes dinner & entertainment -  alcohol & transport not included in this price. Transport is available at an additional cost). 


Our new Life Skills group aims to assist participants in developing self - awareness, increasing impulse control & confidence and enhancing health and well-being. This group aims to empower participants by assisting them in identifying and achieving life goals. Our staff will focus on developing the skills of each participant essential to enhancing autonomy. 


WHEN: Wednesdays - 4:30pm - 6:30pm 

COST: Group operates over a six - week period at a cost of $540. This includes afternoon tea. 

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Looking to express your creative side? Come along to our daytime arts and crafts group and engage in a variety of artistic activities that encourage creativity in a socially supportive environment. Each week, take part in sharing, discussing and creating with fellow makers, crafters and artists. Engaging in art is a relaxing activity and is a great way to elevate your mood, promote unique and imaginative thinking, and connect with others and the beauty around you. 


In this group, we'll explore a range of different arts and crafts activities and mediums, and participants will be encouraged to make choices around activities, meal options and skills development. This group is an exciting, fun way to express yourself whilst meeting friends and enjoying some yummy lunches.

WHEN: Saturdays - 3pm - 5pm 

COST: Group operates over a six- week period at a cost of $540. This includes food & drinks.  

Learning to navigate social situations requires more than just words. It can be a confronting experience for many individuals and has the potential to lead to anxiety, vulnerability, exclusion, and social isolation. Social Skills development is an important aspect in addressing difficulties in social impairments and a great way to improve social competence and improve the quality of friendships. Our Social Skills groups will include;


  • Modeling of skill

  • Role Play

  • Rehearsal of modeled skill

  • Social & communication problem solving

  • Emotional recognition and regulation

  • Discussion

Participants will be encouraged to participate in individual and group performance and feedback.


WHEN: Thursdays - 4:30pm - 6:30pm 

COST: Group operates over a six - week period at a cost of $540. This includes afternoon tea. 

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Health & Well-being

Join our latest group for a dynamic fitness training program designed to build team work, friendships and fitness through a variety of group intervals. This group combines it all and is a great way to get into a routine of regular exercise and develop social support.  Designed for individuals who enjoy different environments and a variety in their fitness.


WHEN: Tuesdays - 4:30pm - 6:30pm 

COST: Group operates over a six - week period at a cost of $850. Light healthy snack options are available.


‘The Multi-Cultural Cooking Club’ is a social, recreational and educational workshop for young people on the Autism spectrum and with other disabilities. Participants have the opportunity to meet new friends, gain confidence around cooking and enjoy a range of cuisines from around the world.

Each week Participants will engage in a range of learning activities aimed at building life skills and promoting well-being. In a small group setting Participants will learn about different cultures and cooking techniques which will culminate in the preparation and enjoyment of a delicious meal.

WHEN: This workshop has two groups and operates on Saturdays.

Group 1 runs from 10.30pm - 12.30pm

Group 2 runs from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

COST: Group operates over a six - week period at a cost of $570. This includes afternoon tea. 

All food, drinks and lunch are inclusive. 

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Our one-on-one support services focus on maximising an individual's capacity to meet their NDIS goals and live an independent life. Staff will work individually with participants to assist them in aligning their goals with their NDIS Plans and identifying activities and groups which are targeted at improving our participants quality of life. Some of our support services include cooking, domestic assistance, meal planning and budgeting, shopping and social and community activities. Please call to arrange a support service that suites you.


Join FTTF staff for a night of diversion & relaxation in our new respite facilities. Choose from a variety of overnight & short term accommodation options that enhance your health and well-being & encourage social & community participation. FTTF offers 1:1 Respite Support Services with an option of in house and community based activities. Choose the Respite Services you need.


Prices may vary so please call to discuss an option that suites you. 

Bookings and cancellations must be made at least 1 week in advance.