Social Photoblog: Harry Potter versus LOTR

Our magical fam-bam

We finally did it! Our dream Social, Harry Potter versus The Lord of the Rings. Despite the valiant efforts of our Lord of the Rings lovers, the Hogwarts fandom won out (and rightly so). As a proud Slytherin, I was more than happy with this outcome. Our FTTF team and participants are (in aggregate) major fantasy fans, so we wanted this event to be perfect. Take a look at our beautiful participants, rage-inducing crafts and delicious food from the night!

First things first, the Great Feast! Wizards, Witches, Hobbits and so on, love to eat and eat well. Amazingly, so do we, and we just happen to have some very talented chefs on our team. Lorraine, Siobhan and Natalie were the house elves for the night and they cooked up a feast worthy of any Great Hall (vegan options included, of course):

And now, we feast!

Obviously we had to include potions. These were so fun to make! There are some great antique stores in Fyshwick with a variety of old medicine/other bottles, and never forget your local Salvos or Vinnies (and the great land of Kmart). All the labels were made with free printables, found online or designed by the graphic master Siobhan (we will be uploading these soon to share with all muggles!).


Snape and Harry getting along like a broom on fire

We played Trivia, Quidditch (slightly adapted) and bobbed for apples! What follows is my personal favourite photo of the night:

Bilbo killing it at bobbing for apples! What raw emotion!

Special guest Britney Spears aka Stephen

One of our beautiful participants Rana just celebrated her 23rd birthday, so naturally we had to celebrate it with her. We are so appreciative of being able to work with such a kind, smart and fun human. Her dance moves are sick too.

Our beautiful birthday girl Rana stealing Hagrids home-made cake off Harry

Mr. Weasley would be so proud of Nicola's flying wheelchair

We set up a mini Honeydukes Express Trolley and Gringotts, both guarded vigilantly by Gandalf. Gold coins were rewarded throughout the night and could be used to purchase some sweet delight from the Trolley. Sadly, employees could not earn coins.


Gandalf takes no prisoners

Finally, a special mention must go to the Comp Winners of the night: Voldemort/Kane, Bilbo/Dylan, Harry Potter/Lachlan, Griff/Ron Weasley (not pictured), and Connor, a true academic Ravenclaw (not pictured).

Congrats guys! Enjoy my badly cropped paint montage to you

It was such a great night and we can't wait for our next Social. Halloween look out!

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