The Perspective's of the Spectrum: Stepping Stone Fiction

Autism is generally linked with rigid thought processes, with emphasis on repetitive behaviour and the tendency to fixate. However, modern research by the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders has found a strong link between Autism and creativity. People on the spectrum tend to exhibit more divergent thinking than those thought of as 'neurotypical'.

It makes sense right? The life experiences of those without ASD are inherently different to those with it. Unique perspectives make for some real good reading...and writing. In FTTF's Readers & Writers group I am constantly dumbfounded by the incredible pieces of work our members produce. Rigid? No sirree. Take a look at the writing produced by Brooke. After assigning the task and only 25 minutes of writing time this glorious piece of work was returned to me. Adding more to that slice of humble pie, she is only fifteen.

Sadly, I have no photos of the the dazzling Brooke, so she will be represented by this equally dazzling kitty:

Look at Brooke's adorable paws!

Stepping Stone Fiction

Task: Use one of the '8 Short Science Fiction stories' by Paul Simms from the New Yorker as a 'stepping stone' for your own story. Our members chose this one:

The galactic federation had rejected the Treaty of Agreement. The Outliers had withdrawn their negotiating squadron, despite the best efforts of the Trade Council. And in the Unoccupied Sector a call arose for punishing tariffs on intersystem trade.

Engineer Wilson didn’t know what any of this meant, but he knew that it probably wasn’t good. After two more commercial breaks, the news ticker began to repeat itself, so he turned off his TV and went back to sleep.

Part II by Brooke:

"Wilson! Oi, Wilson, get your lazy ass up!"

Theodore Wilson cracked open a single eyelid in response to the incessant banging. He glanced at inornate timer on the table beside his bed. 3.32.

In the morning!

When he opened the door to his small quarters, his glare could have stopped a charging armada.

"Thompson," he said in as dangerous a growl as he could muster this early in the morning. "If there isn't a bloody excellent reason you woke me up four hours before shift starts you'll find yourself very inconvenienced by my wrench, up your admittedly fine ass."

Thompson's large doe-like eyes blinked prettily in his petite face, before the threat in Theo's words caught up with him. Apparently Theo wasn't the only one who was slow in the morning.

"I wouldn't be so cross if I was you, Theo." The large and prissy voice of Chief Engineer Boudilea sounded from the other side of the dorm hall.

"Well praise the heavens you're not me," Theo called back in a mock respectful tone.

"I guess, since you're feeling so cheeky, then perhaps you don't want to evacuate the building that's about to be blown apart by rioters protesting the Federations decision."

At last, Theo looked up to see the alarm lights flashing, realising with embarrassing delay what was going on. Last nights new report.

"Oh," he said numbly, "So that's what it meant."

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