Connor and Amy's Adventures in the A.C.T Episode 4: The Old Parliament House

Location: 18 King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600

Date: August 25th 2017

Companion Cards: Accepted

Wheelchair Accessibility: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Food/Beverage: N/A

Staff: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Hello to all blog readers, writers and everyone in the whole wide world. It’s Connor and Amy (hi!) . We are officially back together to continue our blog ... We would like to present to you another adventure in the A.C.T. The fourth episode, the old parliament house a.k.a the Museum of Australian Democracy. Requisite images of the Senate and House of Reps below:

On the 25th of August 2017, Amy and I made our way to the Old Parliament house. We arrived equipped with our bags, iPhones (to take photos for our blog) and a map, so we know where we’re going. Luckily Connor has an excellent sense of direction, so we didn't need the map. The Museum of Australian Democracy was amazing, if you haven't been to the new and improved Old Parliament House we highly recommend checking it out. This is a school excursion that would actually be fun. We made a lot of observations and took some amazing photos e.g. (quotes from people who want to progress and change the country, an old book about debates, facts about the Magna Carta and such and such).

Wheelchair accessibility:

Accessibility at the Old Parliament house is good, as you would hope. The inside is made up of many large open spaces, which should make it easier for our chaired comrades to manoeuvre their ride.

Here stands thee with Living Democracy

The Living Democracy exhibition was honestly inspiring, we learnt alot about the incredible humans that contributed to the ever-progressing democracy of Australia. They even had a 'have your say' wall, which Connor made excellent use of:

"For our governments around the world, please do good for the people, environment, justice, autonomy and liberty for all" - Connor B, 2017

We actually took one of our kick-ass participants, Jenny, to the Museum of Australian Democracy the following week, because we thought she would love it, and she had her own (wonderful) message for the wall:

"Same Sex Marriage needs to happen, stop all discrimination.

Everyone is equal." - Jen B, 2017

Here's Connor pointing at one of the most significant quotes to help encourage the power of the people.

Please refer to this quote above

Included in the Living Democracy exhibition was a token poll measuring whether or not Australians are for or against same-sex marriage. Increasing the quality of life for our LGBTQ brethren is an important step forward for equality and our democracy. Please vote! Your voice will count. If the majority of the population vote Yes! it will have sway on the system!.

Yes, we do vote for change and we the people have the right to change

Connor designed his own Prime Ministerial Coatee in the Dress Code: Empire Exhibition. It was based on the fancy garb worn by none other than Edmund Barton (you know who he is, we've all seen that ad right?).

Here's a coatee worn by Sir Edmund Barton, first prime minster of Australia.

"An Old Statement combining tradition and innovation" - A statement automatically made for Connor's coatee

The Behind the Lines Exhibition, featuring the best political cartoons of 2016 is definitely worth checking out. Here's a teaser:

Mentioned by Pauline Trump.

Here are our opinions down below:

I think that the Old Parliament House gives us this nostalgic vibe and it's worth looking at, it'll be a great place for mansion - Connor B, 2017

100% a great place to live- Amy K, 2017

And that is it for the both us on our fourth adventure in the A.C.T

Stay tuned for more coming up and we'll see you next time on our next blog in the near future.

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