Connor and Amy's Adventures in the A.C.T Episode 3 (Ft Simone, Courtney and Siobhan)

Location: Honkytonks, Garema Pl, Canberra ACT 2601

Date: July 12th, 2017

Wheelchair Accessibility: 5/5

Atmosphere: 2/5

Food/Beverage: 5/5

Staff: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.6/5


Hello to you all reading this blog post! It’s Connor and Amy again with news of another adventure we had on Wednesday night, along with Simone and two newcomers, Siobhan and Courtney.

Here it is, the whole team!!!


On Wednesday night, the 12th of July, we went out to Civic (just like last time). Our main destination was Garema Place to have a look at the night markets at Honkytonks. It was a beautiful night in fabulous company. I'm so glad we checked out local designers at the markets. They all had gorgeous, unique handcrafted goods. The people running the small markets sold dream-catchers, t-shirts, plants in a jar, jewelry, hats and bracelets. We met up with my acquaintance from school (Sarah B), who was running a small self-owned business called Nirvosa. She made a wonderful variety of dream-catchers, with her sheer creativity.

Friendships matter more than anything.

Sarah's dream-catcher's were so beautiful! I'll admit I like Connor, Sarah and dream-catchers. Even so, I'm pretty sure any dream-catcher enthusiast (hi!) would love these. You can inquire about her magical crafts via:




Look at some of the amazing dream-catchers

We then made our way inside Honkytonks, to wine and dine with drinks (beer, coke and water). We ate yummy food (tacos, nachos and chimichangas), had a good chat and enjoyed the whole night out to ourselves. Unfortunately the music was too loud for us to speak, so we raised our voices as much as we could (this is true, we all very old souls at heart. Siobhan is only 18 and she was yawning by 9.30pm). I felt dizzy when I was eating nachos, so I went outside to get some fresh air and have a walk around.

Have a VB

Connor's need for a breather was a great excuse to do some 'really inconvenient to our friends still inside' shopping. Right outside the entrance there stood a stall with the most gorgeous bracelets ever. Karma Co, is Natalie's brainchild, and her stall had a range of stunning (and cheap!) handmade crystal jewelry and accessories. I bought this beautiful beaded bracelet with a turquoise quartz feature for ten bucks (i could be wrong about the stone). My mum loved it, so naturally I had to give it to her (daughter of the year). Since it's currently on her arm and not here, I have included a photo taken from the Karma Co Facebook page. If you're interested, visit:



The Lovely Natalie (Karma Co) at the night markets

Look at these fancy bracelets!!!!