Connor and Amy's Adventures in the A.C.T Episode 2 (ft Simone)

Location: LG, Bailey’s arcade 150 London Cct Civic, A. C.T

Wheelchair Accessibility: 0/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Food/Beverage: 5/5

Staff: 5/5

Overall Rating: 3.7/5

Hi everyone! It’s Amy and Connor here to regale you with our latest adventure & masterful review. Simone and I were Connor’s comrades (I was going to type squad, but Connor vetoed that) for this journey, but the review is all Connor’s own. The tiny parts I’ve added in are in purple italics (because I can’t shutup). You will be hard-pressed to find a more thorough and honest reviewer worldwide, so enjoy!:

When the afternoon kicked in, we drove all the way to Civic to have lunch at the Guild. The Guild was like an underground restaurant and a great place for people to socialise, eat, play various board games and, most importantly have fun.

Here's our way to the Guild

We attempted to play Abyss, which I chose for us to play, but the waiter said the game is very difficult and it takes a lot of effort to learn the instructions (he even told us about the spectrum of board games! FYI we are not board game aficionados…it’s like a whole new universe!) . Instead we played Cluedo, a mystery game where six suspects were accused of a crime, and one of them is the actual murderer.


Wheelchair accessibility:

The layout looks variant and spacious as well but it lacks wheelchair accessibility because of the stairs, and there is not enough room downstairs near the restaurant. (Apparently there is a way for peeps in wheelchairs to get there, but it involves some perilous journey down the alley next to King O’Malleys Pub, which doesn’t count).

UH OH No Luck for Wheelchairs!!!

Inside the restaurant, there were chairs and tables being put into place. We decided to sit ourselves down in the comfy booths before our lunch was served.

Here's me (Connor) standing next to the board games


We ordered our food and beverage from the menu: lavender lemonade from the jug (highly recommended), four different kinds of pizzas, calamari, a werewolf cocktail (especially for me), Nutella pizza and brownies. The prices on the menu were very satisfactory and it averages around $18 a main.

Lavender Lemonade in a jug

Pizzas Galore featuring calamari

What a Nutty Nutella Pizza

Here are our opinions down below:

  • The Guild looks like a good place to hang out and chill with friends and family members, much better than other restaurants and clubs out there in Canberra but not the only one (Connor B, 2017)

  • The Guild had such a nice vibe, wonderful staff and calm crowd. They have an obscene amount of awesome board games, and the food was delicious. It really is a shame about the wheelchair accessibility because I would genuinely recommend it to people both on and off the spectrum (Amy K, 2017)


The atmosphere is very spontaneous and leisurely in nature, the staff were doing their job and always in touch when somebody needed help. There are toilets in the restaurant (pay close attention to the sign that says restrooms).Before we left, Amy, Simone and myself have the split the bill so we can pay separately.Simone paid hers with a credit card, Amy and I paid ours with cash and then we made it out. Afterwards we had a walk around, chatting our way through. We made our last stop to a merchandise in the Canberra Centre and bought some of the stuff from Typo (The Simpsons range is out and it's spectacular) plus some coffee in the mall.

Here’s a photo for you, mum.

The Title says it all

Simone took most of the blog photos with her iPhone 6 and we thank her for her collaboration and dedication to join us on our second adventure in the A.C.T.Here conclude our amazing adventures for today.Stay tuned for more blogs about our wonderful adventures across Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

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