Girls Club - Palace Cinema Review

Location: Palace Cinemas, 2 Phillip Law St, Canberra ACT 2601 Wheelchair Accessibility: 5/5 Companion Cards: Accepted

Food/Beverage: …the olive oil popcorn was delish but that’s the extent of our knowledge Staff: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

The Girls before Wonder Women, enjoying the architecture & sipping their fancy Max Brenner hot chocolates!

Last night Girl’s Club rallied together to go and see the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman at Palace Cinemas. Wonder Woman is Warner Bros. first movie directed, led, and inspired by women. A film from the female perspective! What better movie for the girls to see during our Friday night Girls Club?! Seeing empowered women in the media is exceptionally important for the world to see. Especially women/women to be!

This movie has been a box office smash, and caused quite the sensation online. That’s my cue to plug some personal faves brought to us by the World Wide Web:

1. The notorious thigh jiggle (which I didn’t notice). Read about the one scene jiggle here:

In terms of equality, progress can seem, to quote Jojo, “too little, too late”. However, let’s forget that we live in a world where a big-screen thigh jiggle is a big deal…and mentally move on to the fact that this movie encompasses a big step in the right direction.

2. Some cringe-worthy, ‘I’ve missed the point’ reviews listed by the good people at Junkee, here:

Everyone loved the movie, especially Darcy (who had already seen it twice). I maintain that it could’ve been shorter. Mainly because I suffer from squirmy wormy-ness and the movie is loooooooooong. But of course, that doesn’t take away from cinematic genius or whatever. If you desire further information please, watch the movie and/or google away. There isn’t much information included here because this is actually a review of Palace Cinemas. Surprise!

Nicola & Erin

The venue is awesome. Palace Cinemas is architecturally gorgeous. The staff were lovely and helpful, making the booking process super simple. Special requirements can be catered for, just let them know beforehand. We had allocated space for Nicola's wheelchair in the cinema (snazzy offering, all cinemas should get on board with this). A huge s/o goes to Jonathon Painting, who despite being interstate, went above and beyond to help us organise a wonderful night for everyone. Sup Jonathon!

It can be difficult to find positive, fun and accommodating environments for children on the spectrum and with other disabilities. That said, participation in mainstream community activities can significantly promote well-being, social skills and self-confidence. Palace Cinema’s offer a friendly mainstream environment and Forward to the Future fully recommends it as a potential outing for people on the spectrum and with other disabilities. We are already talking about returning for our next movie night!

As a final note, make sure you check you’re in your allocated seats! Truly, Simone and I dared to assume, and there was a lot of seat shuffling and angry wine-swilling aimed our way. Please, avoid that destitute fate. Check your seats, use your phone light, or be prepared to for shame.

As Connor would say, that’s all for today!

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