Connor and Amy's Adventures in the A.C.T

Location: Twenty-One, 1/21-23 Marcus Clarke Street, New Acton, A.C.T Wheelchair Accessibility: 3.5/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Food/Beverage: 4/5 Staff: 5/5

Overall: 4.4/5

Hello all, it's Connor and Amy writing our very first blog following our adventures in the Australian Capital Territory. We will be exploring and reviewing different places in Canberra; their food, atmosphere and how special needs friendly they are. We are working together as authors to write up our blogs, incorporating the perspective of someone on the spectrum {Connor}.

Today we went to a decent café named Twenty-One in New Acton. Conceptually, it’s super cool, being both a grocery store and a café. Tres Convenient.

Here's the outside exterior

Another teaser

Marvelous and yet decent

Another image of this amazing cafe

The layout is great because it’s spacious and there are a lot of seating options, booths, couches and the regular style café tables. Luckily, we went in just before the lunch rush and snagged ourselves with what we think was the best booth in the house.

We even have a lamp and a small screen tv

Wheelchair accessibility

The café was wheelchair accessible but you may have problems getting through the aisles in the grocery section if you are moving around. Sadly, you may also have a small issue moving up towards some booths because they are raised [make someone lift your chair, it's totally worth it]. Bathrooms are not available in the café but if you make your way to a building [21 Marcus Clarke Street] just around the corner, there are disabled toilets up an epic ramp.

Here's an in depth demo of the raised booth

Here's the ramp

Yay, toilets!!!

We ordered pastries from the counter, so we can’t really comment on the menu but the choices look yummy and they offer vegan options.

Yum!!!! So tasty

Here are our opinions down below

• I personally think the chai latte and the spinach cheese pasty was good and it fills you up quite a fair bit (Connor B, 2017)

• The sausage and haloumi roll was delicious, a good rep for sausage rolls worldwide. I agree with Connor, the chai lattes were so good. We drank two each and agree they have the best chai lattes we have ever tried. (Amy K, 2017)

Delicious, best chai lattes we've ever tried!!

Our priceless reactions!!!!


The atmosphere is great and staff were friendly and accommodating. Our exit was exciting and unpredictable. After Amy left her wallet on the lounge, Connor saw it with his own eyes and saved the day. As the day passed by, Amy and Connor took the photos inside with proper camera techniques using an iPhone 6. Shortly after, we took photos of the accessible ramp near the public bathrooms, a lovely staff member from the café came running up with Amy’s car keys and returned them back to her.


Here concludes our amazing adventures for today. Stay tuned for the next blogs about our wonderful adventures across Canberra. That's all for the day, we'll keep in touch!

Ready for our next adventure!!!!

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