May 28, 2018

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the traditional custodians of this great land we live in. Take a moment to consider the great privilege of living in Australia, and the great cost that allowed us all this privilege. Reconciliation is the...

December 7, 2017

Did you know that Forward to the Future has stylists on it's team? We are available for formal or special event styling for any families or participants requiring assistance. We had such a wonderful time helping these two look amazeballs and feel confident enough to ro...

October 19, 2017

                                                         Our magical fam-bam

We finally did it! Our dream Social, Harry Potter versus T...

October 17, 2017

Sorry for the overused Borat reference*

For our most recent Monthly Madness (*ahem* innovative community participation event, if you're being fancy), we re-entered Iplay Belconnen for some gaming, dodgem cars and, of course, laser tag in the nations best arena.


September 21, 2017

Autism is generally linked with rigid thought processes, with emphasis on repetitive behaviour and the tendency to fixate. However, modern research by the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders has found a strong link between Autism and creativity. People on the...

July 11, 2017

The following exchange took place between Lorraine (our incomparably fabulous boss....I'm not kissing butt, I swear) & David C (who has literally got a smile like sunshine)

Name something you really like about yourself

"I like it when I impress myself by a...

June 25, 2017

Location: Palace Cinemas, 2 Phillip Law St, Canberra ACT 2601
Wheelchair Accessibility: 5/5 
Companion Cards: Accepted

Food/Beverage: …the olive oil popcorn was delish but that’s the extent of our knowledge
Staff: 5/5 

Overall: 5/5 

 The Girls before Wonder...

June 7, 2017

We are so excited to introduce this new venture. Families, friends and carers are so often hit with uncomfortable and hilarious truths and sayings from their loved ones on the spectrum. We want to hear from you! Let us know your best quotes, we’ll be posting our faves...

June 7, 2017

We had such an incredible (honestly…gush worthy) time at Lifeline’s DV-Alert training for women with disabilities who are victims of domestic violence. This session was funded by the DSS and hosted by the infallible Sue Salthouse. Sue is a long-time advocate for women...

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Here, it's all about the perspective of the spectrum. Whether you have stories, artwork, quotes or questions, send it to us and you could get the chance to feature in our blog!


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